Your Comfort - A Key Ingredient

Want to work with us? Have questions? Give us a call or email to let us know who you are, what your product is, and what you’re hoping to achieve with our help. We find a conversation is the best place to start. Heck, if phones make you nervous and you’d rather we meet and talk over coffee or beer, we totally get that too.

Concept vs. Execution

Let’s say you’re an ad agency with a clear concept in hand, and you simply need an intrepid video team to pull off your vision with ninja-like precision on a samurai-esque timeline. We’re your people. 


Or perhaps you’re not sure what you’re after specifically, only that you'd like to harness the explosive power of video to advertise and grow your business in some way. That’s terrific. We can help you develop the right concept to achieve your market goals.


How Much Will This Cost?


This is a tricky one, given the expansive array of video types that might be appropriate for your brand.  But fret not. We have scope-of-work documents prepared to give you an idea of the different budget ranges we work within, and what you can typically expect to see on screen for those prices. To give you a ballpark idea, we currently operate in the $10,000 - $75,000 zone. For those dollars, we like to emphasize value. We’re a small shop with a comparatively low overhead. So more of every dollar you spend ends up on screen.

Your Social Media Presence


We’re aware of the need for companies to be “always on” when it comes to social media. We also recognize the predicament presented by the typically high costs of producing video to help attain this ongoing presence. So ask us about package deals, wherein we develop a series of videos to be released strategically across your favoured channels on a schedule.

From Our Clients

“Creative Surplus did over 30 high quality how-to-videos for the launch of PDG University and also a company profile video.

They were very professionally and creatively shot. Hunter and team were accommodating and flexible with their shooting schedule.

Since we have a very technical product of tilt-in space wheelchairs, Tuyet went above and beyond her time with the editing to ensure the final video clips were seamless. I would highly recommend Creative Surplus for all video needs."
- Louise Tran (Marketing Manager - PDG Mobility)

“Creative Surplus exceeded my expectations at every step along the way! They proved themselves right away with their

experienced insight into the planning and strategy for the video.  When it came time to film, I was blown away by their high quality equipment and how they made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.  They were so committed to excellence, that they stayed late and captured amazing B roll which added so much texture, context and beauty to the whole thing. Then (!), they delivered a beautiful product - on time and on budget!  I would highly recommend Creative Surplus for any video project you have.

Bring them your idea and they will make magic.“

Melanie Knight (CEO/Co-Founder - Ocean to Eye Level Consulting)

"Our collaboration with @creativesurplus, these guys are storytellers and they're friggen amazing!" 

- Nemesis Coffee

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